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Washing and Grading, a real Vanka Specialty

When arriving in our company the potatoes has been tested another time by our quality manager in our own labatory. The entire batch has to meet our severe demands as well as the standards of the certifying institutes, before the processing can begin.

Then the potatoes will be graded. First ground remainders and strange components are separated from the potatoes. Then the potatoes will be graded to size. In advance, at the moment of purchase,  the size has been determined. With an automatic  grading system the undersized potatoes, as well as the oversized potatoes are separated.

After grading, the potatoes will be washed once or sometimes several times. Than every potato will be judged by an optical reader. Every potato which is not suitable for consumption will be taken out. For a final post-control Vanka people will look at the party once again. Only then this batch will be stored in one of our conditioned bunkers, where they can stay, untill needed, under perfect circumstances.

Through conveyor belts the potatoes continues their way, where anywhere the drop heights are very limited to protect the potatoes from damaging. Vanka disposes two washing lines and two optical readers. Each hour between 36.000 and 40.000 kgs of potatoes are processed.