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Packaging for visual quality

Vanka spent a lot of care to the packaging for your potatoes. On the first place with an eye for the environment. Everyday they search for the most eco-friendly materials and printing inks and is carefully considering the most eco-friendly production of foils and other packaging materials.

Secondly, we like to see what we offer Quality. That is why we like to work with packaging that show quality of the potatoes. In a conspicuous manner is therefore worked with the transparency of the materials used, so that the freshness and the quality really splash out that packaging.

Special packaging show the culinary value

Unique grown varieties, especially from France.And  France, of course, is the country where culinary is written with capital letters. We pack these varieties in bags of 500 grams untill 1,5 kilo.  It’s those special varieties with which the guests can enjoy culinary moments. We develop this packaging in such a way that the fine grading, the white look and the full flavor of the potatoes will be underlined.

0,5 kg undersize potatoes (microwave suitable)
0,75 kg undersized potatoes
1,0 kg firmcooking
1,0 kg fairly firm cooking
1,0 kg  floury cooking
1,0 kg very floury cooking
1,0 kg Asparagus potatoes
1,5 kg firmcooking
1,5 kg fairly firm cooking
1,5 kg  floury cooking
1.5 kg Sunlite

Daily fresh packed potatoes

Vanka is for almost 75 years specialist when it comes tob ring daily fresh packed potatoes on the table. Packing bulk stocks to easy-to-use packaging for home is in our blood.Varieties such as Nicola, Bildtstar and the Eigenheimer we deliver in packages from 1,5 kgs untill 25 kgs.

1,5 kg
2,0 kg
2,5 kg
3,0 kg
4,0 kg
5,0 kg
6,0 kg
10,0 kg
25,0 kg