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Rooted in efficiency

In 1938 Joh. van Kampen aardappelgroothandel BV. (Vanka) loaded their first jute bags on a chariot. The horse was circling to start. Johannes (†) sold his own potatoes, directly from the grower, door to door. It was the generation that knew how to set about their work. His  mercantilism and mostly his sharp look to the future has lead to the fact that nowadays the family company is run by the second and third generation.

The second generation van Kampen had inherited this sharp look and took care that innovations were integrated with eager, if it were improvements for the company. The know how of the potatoes en the processing, grew permanent and the vision to buy and sell quality potatoes from the start helped very positively to create a good name for the company. A quick and healthy grow was the reward for a combination of good entrepreneurship and optimal efforts.

At this moment Vanka is one of the largest packing companies of Holland. Grew from a healthy en stable base Vanka is now a trendsetter, the retailpartner with passion for potatoes. The product we are good in, know everything about and innovate in every day.

Innovations that do good to our potatoes, such as processing and packing automatically. Also our support to the grower is part of this way of thinking. Optimal feedback of quality tests and findings ensure that the potatoes that we deliver are of the best quality. Because Vanka thinks in potatoes and their customers.