Corporate Social Responsibility

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Commited to what you’re moving

Everyone talks about it. At Vanka we really do work that way. Corporate Social Responsibility. To be conscious of your surroudings and the future of our environment. That is why we are busy every day with the improvement of our business processes. And we like to do that, because we are working on the future with great pleasure.

At Vanka, at every decision we make,  we took into account the influence that it has for mankind and environment. For us that is not an effort but a privilege. For now and for the future. Optimal efficiency of our machines leads to less energy consumption. A win-win situation.

External Means

The growers we work with, have been selected on their own environmental policy. We stimulate and advise them to use environmentally friendly pesticides in a durable surrounding. This huge reduction of active pesticides leads directly to a downturn of the pressure on the environment.

We ourselves lead by the example by driving trucks that are equipped with Euro 5 engines, soot filters and lightweight trailers. Our drivers receive instructions such as the optimal loading and even their way of driving is monitored. The convenient location, as a result of what we do not have to drive so much kilometers, helps also for a reduction of the pressure on the environment.

Internal Means

Of course we take care that not every e-mail message will be printed. All the little parts help. We even go this far that we save up to 90% on our water consumption. We also do, what we can, to reduce the amount of packaging materials. The foil thickness is kept as little as possible. We also separate our waste streams in a very friendly way.

Good employment practices

Finally  we value our people. They do the work, and we realize that only a good operating company delivers good work. On every location in our company, we live up to the actual Health and Safety regulations. Always Safety first, and we take care that every detail to accomplish that will be executed, up to the providing of personal protective equipment.