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We ourselves are increasingly  aware of health

Healthy food, we are increasingly more aware of the  necessity toe at more healthy. It is of course better for life and limb, that’s for sure. We are helped by bodies such as the food label, which help us to point out which nutritional value food and beverages contains.

The food label gives insight by giving an overview of the carbohydrates, proteins, fats etc of a product,in a standard amount of 100 grams.This is imprtant information for everyone that has a concious life.In addition Vanka provides also the more focussed energy values of a standard serving per person based on the guideline daily amount.

This is ideal, becauseyou know where you stand. Hereunder we give you the most recent food label for potatoes. And you can see: Pure Energy!

Food label per 100 grams unprepared ware

Of which sugars
Of which saturated
Dietary fiber
Vitamin C
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
371 kJ (88 kcal)
2,0 g
19,0 g
0,0 g
0,0 g
0,0 g
1,8 g
14,00 mg
0,12 mg
0,04 mg
2,00 mg