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Delivering quality starts at the source: The grower

In order to deliver high-quality and safe food productsit is necessary to buy at the source. This way of purchasing ensures that there is full controle on the product. As we stand for quality and always strive to deliver (the best) quality, we buy almost all our potatoes at the source. At least we know always of what grower and of what plot they come from.

Quality and projects

In our own coutry as well as abroad, Vanka owns several big growing projects that will be followed from the very beginning (planting the seed potatoes). By the direct contact and the short lines, it is possible to communicate well with the parties concerned, and take care that improvements have been made together. projects are followed closely by regularly visiting the fields and the producer.Looking at the situation ourselves and sampling the potatoes.

When working with fixed growers and suppliers it is possible to grow the best potatoes continuously.  In addition, it creates a bond of trust between Vanka and her suppliers. As a result of that it is possible to built up a relationship for the long term, so that guarantees may be issued in respect of quanta and quality.

Delivering quality by ensuring

Purchasing only from certified growers ensures that our potatoes are grown properly under and under the right circumstances. In addition,Vanka has a comprehensive inspection system. all parties are on multiple moments approved and eventually when entering our laboratory approved, before a truck will be discharged.