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Multi-sensory education and Vanka

Every teacher knows that multi-sensory education contributes to better development of a child. By seeing, feeling and listening a child learns playfully, espacially those kids that have a problem to concentrate during the grouplessons at school.

Vanka believes in multi-sensory education and offers schools the opportunity to make use of that.

Since many years, elementary school “De Egelantier” from De Zilk is one of the many schools that make use of our excursion offer.

From oral traditions, the children know that visiting Joh. van Kampen is one big party. Also the parents, who drive the children to our company, know that and alsof or them the excursion is very interesting.

The reception at the atmospheric canteen of our company is very warm.
After a short introduction, where something will be told about the company and the history, the group of children will be split up. And then it begins the long-awaited tour by the company.

Impressing, the size of the trucks they own, the containers, the walkways and the washing and the drying of the potatoes. Interesting, the inspections of the potatoes in the labatory. Fascinating the grading- and the packing department.

This last part of the excursion on the shop floor means the return to the canteen. Over there a refreshing drink is waiting, a cup of coffee for the parents and teachers and everyone get the opportunity to release their questions about everything the have seen and heard.
If even a portion of chips is handed out,the kids show a great enthusiasm.

After the closing speech of the manager of Joh. Van Kampen the children go home very satisfied. At the exit they also receive a bag of potatoes. The picture outside, under the logo of the company Vanka, with the bag of potatoes is the closing of a educational excursion.

See you next year.
Bert Volkerijk
Teacher “De Egelantier”