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How it began with our potato

There are rumours that in first instance, people were thinking that it was the berry of the potato, that sometimes appears in the plant, was the edible part. But unfortunately for some people, this berry is poisonous. In any case we are sure that the potato is coming from South-America. Grown from a single plant in south Peru, the potato has become a major ingredient of the Inca’s meal.

It’s were the spaniards which brought the potato for the first time, around 1536, to Europe, where they were planted only in 1565. It took another 200 years before the potato harvest became important in Europe.

Before in Holland, around 1727, the potato was cultivated on a large scale, there were already a lot of crossings, which explains the origination of many varieties. In the time, we dutch were still real seafarers, the potato was brought on their trips as it contains a lot of vitamin C. That was good against scurvy

And what is our potato

As we all know of course, de latin name for potato is Solanum Tuberosum. It is a plant that builts its energy stock (starch) under the ground in the form of a turnip. This turnip, our potato, is very rich of carbohydrates and forms, just like pasta, rice and bread an important element of our nutrition.

Biologically, the potato belongs to the nightshade family. Just like the tomato, the pepper and the tobaco plant. This means the green parts of this plant are not suitable for consumption. When potatoes are exposed to light they turn green also. It’s better not to eat them anymore. One more reason to choose for fresh Vanka potatoes.