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Quality starts at the examination in the field

Vanka wants the chain to be transparent. That we reach by testing and buying the potatoes ourselves, in the field as well as by entering our company. Therewith we achieve a better price/quality ratio, an optimal lead-time and a far-reaching product improvement by communicating directly with the growers.

Process control leads to pleasant relieve

The people of Vanka likes to be partners for growers, traders and retail organisations. Partners to built up a long-lasting relationship with. A relationship with human value. To be this kind of partner we regulate the entire chain from testing up to the delivery. We take care of everything including the packings. All in our own hands, just to sure of your business. A perfect product that leads to a satisfied customer.

Besides Vanka like to think of later

We realize sustainable enterprise by reducing the use of active substances, to be careful with our packing materials, to reduce our energy consumption and to plan our transport as efficient as possible with Euro 5 approved material. That starts with a convenient location compared to the international roads and ends with our TNO eco-label. We are a reliable organisation which stimulates her suppliers to reduce its use of synthetic pesticides as much as possible and replace them, if possible, by natural pesticides.

What it’s all about: a tasty and healthy potato

Potatoes are healthy from itself. And of course tasteful. This quality and that taste we guard ourselves, but besides that we are also checked by independent inspection organisations such as the NAK-AGRO. We do our utmost to deliver the best potatoes on your plate, by setting up growing programs and by treating the potato as optimal as possible during our process. Minimal drop heights prevent the potatoes from getting bruised and a unique washing system provide for a visual quality and our manageable bunker cooling ensures the best freshness.